yycParking for iOS & Android provides real time parking updates for downtown Calgary


Parking Availability – Real time updates are available on stall availability for 7 parking lots in Calgary. Parking availability is shown on a map of Calgary giving you quick ideas of where you can park.

Directions – Getting around town can be a bit confusing, so why not map out your route? Simply touch your preferred parking location and hit the “get directions to parking” button.

Lot Information – Additional information is also available when you need it. yycParking gives you the number of accessible stalls, parking lot addresses, clearance heights, rates, and directions.

Platforms – Get it now for your iOS or Android device!

User Reviews

yycParking is an incredible tool that will make finding spots in the downtown core that much easier
– Connor Turner

Very cool!
– @TheCalgaryTower


We created yycParking to enhance a service provided by the Calgary Parking Authority, thus making a good service even better for our families, friends, and the Calgary community.

We’ve also heard that the Calgary Parking Authority will be releasing an app encompassing many of the same features. Our goal is to set a precedent for what Calgarians are looking for.

The most valuable comments and ideas come from our users, so please send us suggestions, features you’d like to see, or even issues you may be having.